Missourians are rightfully demanding greater input in their children’s education. I am a staunch supporter of providing a quality education to meet the academic needs of all students. As a special education teacher and sibling of a brother with down syndrome, I understand the fears parents have about what the future holds for their child. I understand that every child learns differently and that it is up to us to provide a quality education.

Over 60% of local taxes go to funding our school districts. School districts must be held accountable for the education of our children and when they fail, parents may be entitled to explore the school choice option. Parents must be allowed input to local school board decisions from pre-school through high school.

Likewise, it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child(ren) attend school and are ready to learn in order for teachers to do their jobs effectively.

Every issue in our society stems from the educational system. When we provide the tools needed for our children to receive a quality education, we reap educated, productive adults.

Protecting Life

If the weakest among us have no civil rights, then none of us do. Protecting the unborn is a NO COMPROMISE issue.

Our civil rights should begin with the most innocent, yet more than 64 million children have been killed since 1973. This modern-day genocide has resulted in emotional, physical, and psychological trauma to mothers. And it was all based on a lie in 1973.

Planned Parenthood was built on a foundation of systemic racism. Their “founder/hero” Margaret Sanger wanted to control the reproductive freedom of Blacks and Jews which she saw as dangerous for America. She belittled motherhood and large families while dehumanizing any person who had a disability.

I am committed to defunding the abortion industry, if elected.

Second Amendment

The 2nd Amendment was spelled out specifically to protect the American people from anyone who would seek to take away their liberty- including their own government. As a staunch pro 2nd Amendment supporter, I will fight for the rights of gun owners.

There is little fear of committing crimes because our court systems have failed to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent.

Citizens must have the right to defend themselves and their families. They must have the right to hunt and be self-sufficient and for sport.

Medical Freedom

Perhaps no civil right is more fundamental than the right of medical freedom. The only way patients can make the right decisions for their own health is to have all the facts. We must ensure that every American is given timely and accurate information and the freedom to choose how to proceed.

America’s streets and jails are increasingly filled with those struggling with mental illness and we have reached a crisis point which requires a thoughtful balance between individual rights and the protection of the community.

Back the Blue

We must defend those who defend us. Our police need the necessary tools and resources to do their jobs effectively. We cannot continue to allow the 99% of police officers to be disrespected and abused.  Of course, those police officers who misuse their authority must be removed, but we must put an end to the nationwide assault on our men and women in blue.

Military Veterans

At a time when our current administration disregards our American Veterans, we must stand in solidarity and support the sacrifices they and their families make. They are who made us free and continue to protect our freedoms. Like many of you, I have military family members, past and current, in my family we take pride when the National Anthem plays, or the Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Our Veterans are our history. We must protect them with the same commitment they have served us.

Reduce Taxes

I believe the best way to stimulate the economy is to make sure its citizens retain more of their own hard-earned dollars. I will fight to repeal the Real Personal Property Tax for senior citizens over 65 years of age.

No citizen, who has worked hard, should have to continue paying every year for their belongings. We are punishing the citizen for the lack of responsible government spending.

Budgets should be as much a reality for legislatures as for families.

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theory that is being taught in our schools, promoting division among our children. CRT is just the latest expression of Marxist ideology and was founded on the 45 Rules of Communism. It is Anti-American, Anti-Family, and Anti-God. We can no more tolerate CRT in our schools than we can tolerate any other form of racism. We are not a nation of oppressors and oppressed. We are a nation of free men and women created in God’s image with the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

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Rachl Aguirre for State Senate Alejandro Aguirre, Treasurer